YG-1 Releases a New “i-ONE Drills 2021 Inch Catalog”

“i-ONE Drills” – Exchangeable Drilling Tools Optimized for Steel and Cast Iron Machining
Cost Efficient High Performance Drilling Tools with Stable Holder Clamping System

YG-1 has released a new “i-ONE Drills 2021 inch version catalog”.  i-ONE Drills are exchangeable drilling tools for machining steel and cast iron in which customers can replace the inserts with ease – realizing both economic advantages and high productivity.
The inserts are applied with YG-1’s own multi-layered H-coating technology which provides superior wear resistance and machining performance. In addition, optimized point geometry and flute shape enable excellent centering and cutting efficiency, performing high level of chip evacuation rate.
Furthermore, Nickel-plated premium tool steel holders enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It also features stable clamping with Torx Plus screw.
The new edition has introduced 292 items of inserts and 90 items of holders. Customers can expect the optimal tooling solutions with various insert sizes from 0.3937” (Ø10mm) to 1.3346” (Ø33.90mm) – with drill bodies standard in 3XD, 5XD, and 8XD.
For more details, please find the link below.