YG-1 Adds the French, Russian and Polish Version of “YG-1 TM Xpert”

Thread Milling CNC Program Generator – 3 More Languages are Now Available 

 “YG-1 TM Xpert” is a program that generates G Code required for thread milling with a CNC machine, which was initially provided only with Korean and English versions in March 2020. 

 YG-1 has added the French, Russian and Polish versions of YG-1 TM Xpert, which provides user-oriented data and a user-friendly display.

 Users can select the thread type, thread form, work materials, thread milling type, and cutting condition from the bar menu on the left and then obtain the information. Also, the data would be able to be saved as a text file, printed or transferred via email. 

 Since YG-1 TM Xpert is a responsive web design application, it can be accessed by various individual devices, including PC or smartphones.

 You may find the link below for details of YG-1 TM Xpert at our YG-1 website.