YG-1’s New Combo Tap “Inch” Catalog is Now Available!

YG-1’s Solution for Multipurpose Tapping Has Expanded to Include 598 New Items

Combo Tap offers true versatility capable of tapping a range of ductile materials including carbon & alloy steels, stainless steels, ductile iron, and cast aluminum.  Since its initial launch in 2009, Combo Tap has become one of YG-1’s premier tap lines delivering exceptional performance at a value YG-1 customers’ demand.

To improve upon the versatility of Combo Tap, YG-1 is expanding the line to include new sizes, pitches, and pitch limits.  Additionally, YG-1 has improved the Combo Tap brand strategy with the consolidation of the existing INOX tap line.

Combo Tap’s engineered flute geometries provide smooth chip evacuation for maximum productivity.  Combo Tap also includes thread geometry features to prevent overfeeding in blind hole applications allowing these taps to perform across a range of machine tool platforms.  With a premium base material and multiple finish options, Combo Tap offers greater wear resistance and longer tool life providing versatility well beyond work piece material.

This significant expansion of Combo Tap is just one more example of YG-1’s commitment to providing world class threading solutions to meet the demands of a diverse metalworking market.
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